Red turns to green.

That’s often been the logic in the world of wrestling. That bloodshed will up audience interest and in many cases, it does indeed appear to be true.

To get that grisly visual going requires the infamous practise of blading. Not nearly as popular these days due to the elevated awareness of blood-borne diseases, blading used to be a fixture of the industry.

The forehead is the traditional favourite area for blading thanks to its large number of blood vessels. Cutting this area leads to heavy duty bleeding but will heal at a surprisingly fast rate. Many wrestlers have relied on the blood mixing with the sweat pouring down their faces to exaggerate the extent of their injuries.

The bloodier match types and stories have frequently been brought out to play for hardcore gimmicked clashes, feud ending wars and everything in between. It takes some serious dedication (or insanity depending on who you ask) to shed one’s own blood for the sake of their craft.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 10 all time greats who left a grisly part of themselves behind in the ring.


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