“Working out really empowers me. It makes me feel stronger. It makes me feel more confident. That, but also…doing things that will empower me, like going to therapy and doing things to really take care of myself. It’s important that your body rests and that it gets taken care of.”

Those were Demi’s views on working out during her interview with Shape. She has the right idea and most recently, Lovato decided to take a month off from the fitness life, in order to improve her mental health.

She maintains a fantastic look and in this article, we’ll take a look at some of her top gym pics. Her former flames might not want to see these pics – she looks pretty darn empowering!

Enjoy the article, folks.

17 Squat Day

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She takes her training very seriously and evidenced in the pic above, Lovato isn’t skipping a squat day. She places a big emphasis on both the cardio aspect along with the heavy lifts.

Lovato has a towel around her neck because like, all that weight resting on her neck might not be too pleasant.

16 Boxing Gloves On

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She’s come a very long way since her days on Camp Rock, the program that changed everything for Lovato. Following the show, it was only up from there.

She’s continued to improve since then, repping so many brands that we lost count. In the pic above, she has some perfect gym attire while rocking the boxing gloves.

15 Cardio Time

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Demi doesn’t take it easy after a workout. She heads to the cardio section, working a sweat even further. As evidenced by the photo above, she isn’t taking her cardio day lightly.

Cardio can be like therapy after a hectic type of day – at least Lovato makes the most of it with a selfie for her large fanbase.

14 Time To Stretch

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She’s having a little bit of fun, taking on some stretches. Notice that she also has ankle weights on, that’ll aid even further in the glute building process.

The best part about Lovato is she always seems to be having a good time – even during a tough workout.

13 Selfie Time

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Despite her hectic schedule, Lovato still manages to get things done. She discussed her routines with The Cut;

“I implement health and wellness on tour by making sure that I work out daily, that I talk to the people around me, and make sure that I stay in therapy and do the things that I need to make sure that I live a happy and healthy life.”

12 Curls For The Girls

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She’s looking pretty darn jacked in the photo above. That’ll scare off a couple of her former flames from the past.

Demi’s performing a bicep curl while snapping a pic at the same time – yeah, she likes to have a little bit of fun during a workout and we can’t blame her.

11 Moving The Tire

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Her pants are a reminder; Lovato wasn’t always as confident especially during her earlier days. While most lived regular lives at school, Lovato was ridiculed by her peers for being homeschooled.

It was a tough upbringing for Lovato – though these days, she serves as a great role model and inspiration for those struggling with the same things.

10 Post-Cardio

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She poses for a photo following a cardio session. Keeping the proper balance is key and as Demi explains, it takes the right mind frame;

“I’ve been very vocal about my struggles with food, and I think that the main thing for me is trying to make sure that I stay on top of eating healthy and exercising — doing things that make me feel good.” (Source, The Cut)

9 Boxing Wraps

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As told by The Cut, Lovato implemented boxing into her fitness routine early in the morning. Here’s what she had to say;

“I like to do two workouts. The first one will be boxing for an hour or maybe kickboxing or jiu-jitsu. I just started boxing like a year ago, and I feel stronger and a bit leaner.”

8 More Squats

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She’s performing a variation of a squat, this time she’s also using some upper body strength to hold the weight throughout the motion.

Demi ensures she’s going nice and low throughout the movement, placing a bench underneath her glutes; not a bad idea. She’s got the glute movements under control.

7 Gym Swag

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She has the gym outfit on and Lovato is ready to go.

According to Women’s Health Mag, she took a little bit of time off most recently, due to past eating disorders. Given her history of mental health, it was a good idea to take some time off and come back to the gym better and stronger than ever, especially mentally.

6 Hip Thrust Time

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She’s working her hips and glutes in the screenshot above which was posted to her IG story. Her account features more than 75 million fans. Yeah, she’s a pretty big deal.

Demi has the proper form and technique going – she only learns from the best of the best and it definitely shows.

5 Pre-Gym Time

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We can think of a couple of people that might be drooling over this photo. That includes Wilmer Valderrama, Joe Jonas, Luke Rockhold and a plethora of others – all former flames from Demi’s past.

Remarkably, despite all that she’s accomplished, Demi is only in her 20s, set to turn 28 next year.

4 Working The Ropes

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This shot comes from a professional shoot and clearly, there is a bit of Photoshop work in the background.

Demi made a recent post via IG, showing off her natural self – Demi discussed being fed up with her past heavily edited photos. Definitely an empowering statement.

3 More Selfies

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Despite her hard work, others out there still find it necessary to shame Lovato for her look. She came up with the perfect response to the hate. Here’s what she had to say;

“I actually am choosing not to diet and fall back into unhealthy behaviors at the risk of losing my sanity or mental health but thank you for the offer! Super sweet.”

2 Time To Run

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Training is a therapy for Lovato. As she tells US Weekly, there is no greater feeling than hitting the gym and unwinding after a tough day of work;

“I feel the most confident when I’m in the gym — whenever I’m training, whether it’s boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu.”

1 Determined Look

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The biggest goal for Lovato isn’t to look like a bikini model or to drop a bunch of weight. The biggest thing is to have fun and more importantly, feeling good and having the right mindset.

She’s definitely feeling good in the pic above, looking on confidentially.

Sources – US Weekly, The Cut & IG


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