Here is a list of five MMA or combat sports shows and movies that you can binge-watch on Netflix this month.

With many major sports still unable to play because of the worldwide pandemic, many people may be tuning in to the UFC. Unlike these other sports organizations, the UFC is still going strong holding events practically every weekend. Whether you are a longtime fan or just tuning in for the first time your interest in the sport is bound to be growing. The events that have been held in the UFC Apex center in Las Vegas have been extremely exciting. Up next in the move to the UFC’s Fight Island. It is good to have events every weekend but what about during the week.

Another way to get your fight fix is through combat sports movies and shows. Netflix and other streaming services are a great way to learn more about the sport or just simply be entertained. here is a list of five combat sports shows and movies to get you through the week.

1. Kingdom

The DirecTV show Kingdom burst onto the scene back in 2014. The first real MMA show in the spotlight brought real-life fighters to the show mixed with some recognizable talent. The show stars Frank Grillo as a man who owns an MMA gym who trains fighters with his sons, one of which is played by Nick Jonas.

The list of guest stars ranges from many people in the MMA business. The guest includes former and current UFC fighters like Cub Swanson, Kenny Florian, and Joseph Benavidez. It also includes cameos from well known MMA coach Greg Jackson.

The show is set in California and like all shows, there is a great deal of drama mixed in with some top-notch fight scenes. The show has ended after three seasons and all three seasons will be available to stream in Netflix beginning July 1.

2. Notorious

This spotlight documentary showcases the life of MMA star Conor McGregor. Fans of McGregor will love this special glimpse into the life of the Irish superstar. The film follows him from the beginning of his career into his second fight with Nate Diaz. The film shows McGregor’s humble beginnings and the growth that he has had to fight his way to the top.

Many know McGregor but this film really gives the backstory that many do not know. He is a larger than life personality and some of the scenes show just what happened to get him to where he is now. The focus on his private life and relationship is beautiful. The work and sacrifice that was put in shows through on the screen.

3. Through My Father’s Eyes: The Ronda Rousey Story

This film about Ronda Rousey is an in-depth look into the life of the UFC’s first female champion. The story starts with her birth and then follows her through her Olympic judo career and through the UFC. Rousey is a person who doesn’t talk with the media very often and it is rare to see her so open and honest.

The film crew began to follow her back in 2010 and as she began to grow in skill and popularity they followed. The candid responses allow fans to see her true colors and close family and friends offer lighthearted and sometimes heartbreaking looks into the real Ronda Rousey. 

4. Fightworld

This is a new kind of show in which Frank Grillo (Kingdom) travels the world to find to learn about all kinds of combat sports. First released in 2018, there are five episodes all under an hour long. The places he travels in the show are Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, Senegal, and Isreal. Along the way, he is immersed in the local culture and looks to understand the importance of martial arts in the way of life.

The difference between the martial arts and combat is interesting. Any fan of martial arts should watch the show to expand their knowledge. From wrestling to Krav Maga, to Muay Thai and boxing this show was it all. A quick binge for the weekend of a lazy afternoon and evening.

5. The Gamechangers

This film is not directly about combat sports yet skates around the topic as a form of proof of the effects of a certain diet. The maker of the film is a former UFC fighter, James Wilks. He began to embark on a journey to better his health and improve his fighting skills and through this found a new way of easting. The film sets out to prove the superior effects of a plant-based diet and with the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger improved his MMA skills both in the gym and out.

Throughout the film, Wilks makes claims that meat is detrimental to the health of athletes and focuses on many plant-based athletes. Although he is focused of all athletes he does use his time in the UFC and other fighters to make his point. Not all points are rock solid as he claims that the reason Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz the first time was that McGregor was eating steaks and Diaz is predominantly vegan.

Although this film is not the hard-hitting action some MMA fans look for, it is an interesting look into the lives of these athletes and what goes into training for a fight or a professional level sport.

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