Batista grew up in a tough neighborhood. A lifestyle of the rich and famous was likely the furthest thing from his mind back then. Sadly, survival was his biggest focus. Batista has stated in the past that bodybuilding saved his life. That was his first passion; later, he would transfer those skills into the world of wrestling.

WCW’s hardcore fans know that WCW slammed the door on him. However, he never gave up. Batista kept going and his strategy worked. WCW went out of business while WWE powered on, and Dave became a huge star.

In his post-wrestling life, Batista is making a huge dent in the world of Hollywood, most notably known as Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy. Given his new lifestyle, he has made some changes to his training routine.

We’ll take a look at his different approaches throughout the article. What’s for sure is that Dave is showing no signs of slowing down at the age of 51.

Here’s a look at how Batista (who once slid into Dana Brooke’s DMs) is staying in shape at the age of 51.

11 Gluten, Dairy & Red Meat-Free

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Batista is performance-driven – whatever eating plan makes him feel good, he’s likely to follow. As he explained to Men’s Health, he entered an MMA camp in which the trainees and trainers all used a red meat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free tactic. Ultimately, it worked wonders and he’s stuck to it:

“I had a stint in MMA and I trained with Cesar Gracie, who’s kind of a legend as far as martial-arts trainers go. A lot of his team were either pescatarian or vegetarian, but all of them were gluten-free and no-one ate red meat or pork. So I started doing that back then, and in about a month’s time I noticed what a huge difference it was making. I stuck with that ever since.”

10 Cardio-Based Routines

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Back in his WWE days, Batista’s training was centered around looking the part – he used a bodybuilding style, strictly putting his emphasis on form and pumping the muscles.

However, since he converted and entered the world of Hollywood, his training has changed. Batista is now focused on leaning out along with cardio-based exercises.

He elaborated on this, according to Men’s Health: “When I was with WWE I was doing a lot more weight training. It was a different look because I had a different character. For film roles, and life in general, I’ve switched to a more cardio-based workout routine.”

9 Bodyweight Exercises

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When we think of Batista, we tend to think of the larger-than-life human, crushing weights in the gym. However, that isn’t entirely true. He opened up, discussing the importance of bodyweight exercises, especially when he’s on-set and needs a quick pump.

On the norm, he doesn’t have access to a gym when he’s shooting, so instead, he’ll incorporate bodyweight exercises such as the squat, aiming for lots of reps so he’s really feeling the burn.

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8 MMA & Boxing

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In his 50s, Batista prefers a lot of variety when it comes to his workouts. He still uses free-weights; however, he’ll also incorporate MMA and boxing into his weekly routine. For Batista, movement and getting the heart rate up is just as important as anything else. He elaborates with Train MAG;

“I mix it up and try out different things. I do a lot of cross-training, boxing, Muay Thai, jujitsu, and still a good amount of weights.”

7 Keeping The Carbs Low

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“My diet is simple: high protein, low carbs, and sugar.”

We’re not surprised with that caloric model – Batista keeps things simple, putting down his carbs and sugar intake, while likely going sky-high with the protein and moderate on the fats. He once made a joke via Twitter that he consumes 10 grams of protein per bodyweight…which would equate to nearly 3,000 grams of protein per day! Give Batista credit, he kept a straight face during the Twitter video.

6 Three Days On, One-Off

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His workout schedule understandably tends to vary, depending on his work week and the days that he’s shooting. However, for the most part, Dave tries to keep consistent with three days on and one day off.

The recovery day in-between is very key – proper rest can be just as important as the training itself. Given his training and his busy schedule, the rest days are essential.

5 Short Breaks Between Exercises

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When he’s hitting bodyweight exercises in his trailer, Batista makes sure that he’s giving it his all. He has a brutal routine that features limited rest time intermixed with a lot of reps. He expanded on the tough routine with Men’s Health:

“I have a routine where I’ll do 10, rest for 10 seconds, then I’ll do 20, rest for 20 seconds, go up to 30 and then come back down. But that’s what I do, I’ll keep doing that until I get to four or five hundred.”

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4 High Rep Ranges

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“I did 400 or 500 squats. Literally, my legs were so blown up that I took a picture and put them on twitter! It was actually a trick we used to do with wrestling.”

So that’s one way of hitting bodyweight exercises with some serious intensity. 500 squats sound really rough just picturing it… can your hips even drive down properly after 200!? We really don’t even want to try…we’ll leave that to Dave.

3 Supplementation

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Batista has a few supplements he uses to aid his recovery and well-being. He did admit that he’s a fan of taking fat-burners. During the longer days, Batista shared with Men’s Health that he doesn’t shy away from taking a caffeine pill.

Other supplements include fish oils, vitamin D, and DHEA, which aids in boosting his T-levels. And of course, he’s got his protein jug, which aids in upping his protein numbers throughout the day.

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2 Mobility Over Strength

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Since he’s getting older, Batista opened up to Train MAG about his workouts and how it was time to switch styles:

“My workout is a lot more diverse now. I feel a lot fitter; a lot more agile and multidimensional when it comes to my physique – because that’s what I’m going for. Also, I have to admit it to myself, I’m older now and it’s hard to lift those heavy-heavy weights.”

1 Never Satisfied

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Batista truly believes in a “health is wealth” credo. For the former WWE star, his anchor is constantly improving every single day – whether it be with his goals in the gym or as a father…or as a straight-out human being.

He’s driven to improve, even nowadays, when he’s in his 50s. Since his early wrestling days, Batista always seems to overcome the odds. He’s a true inspiration.

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