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Tasmanian karate kids have made the most out of an exciting weekend at Launceston’s Silverdome for the Australian Karate Federation national championships. For aspiring karate champs such as 17-year-old Alec Slamen and 14-year-old Anahi Flanagan, both of Hobart, the competition served as a chance to gauge their talent on a national level. “It’s [championships] been the best experience ever, we’ve got the most amazing team,” Anahi said. “It’s good to see the kind of level you’re at and say ‘this is where you’re at now, this is everything you’ve worked for’. “Everyone’s been working so hard all year and it’s paid off.” Alec has been learning karate for eight years, initially taking up the martial art because he “thought it would be really cool to get a black belt”. “It’s been a really good experience because especially in Tassie there’s not a lot of people so when you go to nationals you get to see a larger skill range and more people and it’s great to participate,” Alec said.


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