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Aussie Man Arrested In Bali For Fly-Kicking Person On Moped

An Australian tourist was arrested in Bali after a drunken rampage that saw him fly-kick a motorcyclist, damage a convenience store and break into a home where he assaulted the owner, police said.

The local man, I Wayan Wirawan, suffered injuries including bruises, cuts and abrasions as he was brought down by the attack.

An apprenticed builder, Carr said he drank vodka and cocktails and can’t remember what happened, adding: “I have drunk until I have blacked out but I have never done this before, ever”.

Further CCTV footage showed Carr harassing residents in their homes.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident and Carr’s fate is unclear.

Both charges carry a maximum two years and eight months behind bars.

The footage was filmed before sunrise on Saturday morning in the popular beachside destination of Kuta.

Carr allegedly harassed locals, threw himself into the bonnet of a moving auto and smashed restaurant windows in the popular beach town destination of Kuta.

Speaking from his cell at Kuta police station today, Carr said he and a friend had only arrived in Bali the day before his rampage and were planning to stay 10 days.

After that he allegedly broke the glass window of a local restaurant, the Wahaha Warung. He then locked himself in I Nym’s room, leaving the house through the bedroom window.

The Australian was finally detained by members of the local community, police and security guards outside the Villa Catalina hotel.

“When I fell down, my arm got injured”.

Asked if he may have taken drugs, Carr told 7NEWS.com.au: “Not that I know of, not (taken) willingly”.

“I was very drunk and I apologize”.

Kuta police chief Teuku Ricki Fadlianshah said the prisoner told police that he had consumed as many as 20 vodkas before his crime spree.

Photo of the passport belonging to 26-year-old South Australian Nicholas Carr.

He says he’ll pay whatever compensation is needed to the victims of his rampage and he just wants to see his family.

Teuku said on Monday the case against the Australian man would continue “even if he and all the victims reach a settlement”.

The events of Friday night had begun, the police chief said, in North Kuta when Carr took a scooter.

An Australian tourist has been arrested after fly kicking a motorcyclist in Bali.


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