Despite being a cruel character on Avatar: The Last Airbender, fans have created several pieces of fan art for the character Azula.

Azula is one of the most complex and interesting characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Despite the fact that she’s mean and cruel, it’s hard not to feel a little bit sorry for her. Her desire for her father’s acceptance and her need to feel strong lead her down a dark path.

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She’s one of the most powerful benders viewers see in the series, and she is ultimately her brother Zuko’s ultimate opponent, the sign of his own growing strength against the person who has always been his greatest rival. Naturally, there are plenty of fans who have created stunning artwork.

10 Wild Hair

As the series goes on and Azula gets more and more frustrated with Team Avatar and how well her brother seems to be doing and growing as a bender. Despite her best efforts to put a stop to it, Azula low-key loses her mind.

Even her friends turn against her when they realize that she’s unhinged and cruel and doesn’t feel any loyalty even to them. Iamtryingart has drawn her here with her hair down, showing a little less control than fans are used to seeing from her in the series.

9 Action Shot

Azula is captured in this fan art piece by DeathVortexArt doing what she does best: fighting with fire. This is a really dynamic pose, with Azula clearly doing the martial arts style jumping, spinning, and kicking that comes with the territory when bending.

This piece also puts her whole Eastern-inspired costume on display, complete with her pointed-toe shoes and the Fire Nation symbol etched into the bottom of them.

8 Ink Study

Artist Alec.L has done a great rendition of Azula here in just ink. Despite the fact that there’s no color, there’s so much dynamic motion in the image, and she’s got her usual confident, somewhat evil grin on her face.

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It’s clear that she’s about to wholly ruin someone’s day by throwing some fire at them, which is all fans can ask of Azula.

7 A Costume Change

Digital artist Your citrus bro has decided to do a slight adjustment on Azula’s costume, giving it a fun, modern flair that almost makes her look like a Kingdom Hearts character, given the oversized shorts.

She looks much more ready to get into it with Zuko, or anyone else who wants to test her bending skills, with her legs free for a lot more movement than a dress would give her.

6 Modern Day

It’s always fun to see characters taken out of the world that they live in and dropped into the modern world. The sketchie Dude has done exactly this with this fan art piece of Azula.

She’s wearing modern clothing, with spikes on her jacket and studs on her high-waisted jeans. She still has the headpiece that shows that she’s royalty, but she’s definitely confident enough to be roaming the streets on her own, looking for fights in this look.

5 Fire Lord

It will be a long time yet before either Zuko or Azula can ascend to the throne in the Fire Nation since their father is pretty mad for power and is unlikely to yield it to either of his children any time soon.

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Still, when it comes to one or the other of them taking over for their cruel and distant father, Azula definitely seems like the best fit for keeping things going just the way they have been. CJ Andrea, with this fan art piece deeming Azula the Fire Lord, seems to agree.

4 Lightningbender

Most benders have a secondary skillset that they can learn if they train hard enough and are talented enough at bending. Toph discovers metalbending, and Katara practices bloodbending. In the Fire Nation, firebenders can learn how to lightningbend, which is as cool as it sounds; they can literally summon and control lightning.

Azula is one such firebender with this capability. Brittany has painted her here with clearly evil thoughts in mind for how she’ll use this power.

3 A Smile

Azula is not a kind character, and she rarely seems happy. In fact, she’s mostly mean and cruel, and when she is smiling, it’s because she’s taking pleasure in the fact that she’s caused someone else pain or that she’s shown just how powerful she is, especially compared with someone like her brother Zuko.

Artist Sarah Moustafa has drawn Azula here as someone with a slightly softer face like Azula might have been if her upbringing had been a little different.

2 Fire Princess

This awesome piece by TheNeonPigeon shows Azula at her most powerful. She’s surrounded by fire, with a determined, confident look on her face; she knows her own worth.

Here she also wears a crown, showing her royal lineage and the fact that she will someday take the throne of the Fire Nation and lead, as long as she can keep Zuko at bay.

1 Cunning

Azula’s power comes from her cunning and her willingness to hurt anyone as long as it means that she gets her way. This attitude is encouraged by her father and is one of the reasons Zuko was banished because he wasn’t able to find the cruelty in him the way that his sister could.

In this fan art piece by Boglarka Bognar, Azula is clearly reveling in the harm she has caused and how much power it gives her.

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