Beatriz Mesquita on why MMA fans should tune in to watch ADCC, the world’s most prestigious no-gi grappling tournament, on Saturday.

When Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Beatriz Mesquita speaks, you listen.

And she’s telling MMA fans why watching ADCC, the world’s most prestigious no-gi grappling tournament in the world is something you should be doing.

“I think the biggest thing about ADCC is it’s a lot more exciting because it is the biggest grappling tournament,” Mesquita told FanSided. “With the rules of ADCC, the first five minutes is all about submission. People go crazy to get that. You don’t worry about points, you don’t worry about being taken down or you don’t worry about losing situations you are just going to attack all the time. This makes the match a lot more exciting than just following the rules like you can’t do this, you cant do that. I think the first five minutes is what makes ADCC this big tournament and so exciting to watch and motivates people like, ‘yeah that is what I want to see.’ The second thing is it’s every two years. That makes it more exciting to wait every two years. It’s so long to see people defending their titles, new athletes coming up. So it’s kind of the mix of the old and new generation, everyone together. That is what makes ADCC a more special tournament to watch.”

Though there’s no striking in ADCC, it’s a showcase for some of the biggest names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who also fight in MMA, or plan on making the transition, Mesquita herself included in that list. Some of the names MMA fans might recognize who are competing are Gordon Ryan, who looks to debut in MMA soon, Garry Tonnon who is currently undefeated in his four ONE Championship appearances and fan-favorite Gabi Garcia who fights under the Rizin banner.

Mesquita, just one week removed from defending her 2017 title, took a break to teach a self-defense course to women at Cris “Cyborg” Justino’s Pink Belt Fitness event last Saturday. One might think she’d want to focus on the competition ahead but she explains why it was important to play a part in inspiring women.

“Right now is like the last week because it is kind of hard especially with the diet and the body preparation and the mind,” she said. “At the same time, it’s good to motivate myself and see how much I can inspire other people and that is what I want to keep doing for myself and my life. Not just go there and win gold medals but keep inspiring people. It’s a lot bigger than you just go there and win a title or you fight for that. I think this moment that I had here is what I will keep for the rest of my life. The gold medal is going to go to the wall one day, of course, I love to be there, I love to give a good show, good fights, and that is what I deserve for my life to live, but defiantly inspiring other people, especially women is what I most want to do. So this time I was so blessed to be here. You see so many girls, they are smiling, they are having fun, so that is what really matters above everything that I’ve been doing.”

Mesquita is defending her crown against a new crop of rising female jiu-jitsu stars, something she welcomes.

“To be honest all the girls are new coming up girls so I’m so excited to face any of them,” she said. “I think I’m the oldest generation in my bracket so I think that is going to feel like kind of proving that experience and hard work maybe can be like the hangry new girls coming up. So that’s what I’m really excited to so how it’s going to work against those little girls. I remember when I was their age, coming up against the big names, the famous girls, I just want to go so hard to prove that I’m ready to fight them. So being on the other side right now, it’s really exciting to see how I am  going to prove myself against younger girls, just responsibly, and giving a good show to watch.”

Watch Mesquita compete at ADCC on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 27-28 live on Stay tuned to FanSided MMA for all your live ADCC results and highlights.

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