A 21-year-old Albanian boxer has died in the ring after an terrible case of mistaken identity.

Featherweight fighter Boris Stanchov died after a cardiac arrest during his bout with Ardit Murja in Albania on the weekend. 

As the sad scene unfolded, it was initially announced that Stanchov’s cousin, Isus Velichkov, was the one who had passed away. 

The case of mistaken identity came after Velichkov later admitted that his cousin had been using his medical card and boxing license. 

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“Since 2018 he has been fighting with my card,” Velichkov said. 

“He told me there was no problem. The coach knows.

“I don’t know why he fought with my card. He said he didn’t want losses on his name.”

According to unconfirmed reports, Stanchov was fighting under a fake name because he had been banned from the sport. 

“The problem is, this boy had a ban,” Georgi Ezekiev said. 

“To avoid it, he played with someone else’s identity.

“He got his fake license with the help of the federation, I guess, because there is no other way.”

Before the story was straightened out, even the WBC were unaware, with the organising body tweeting out news of the wrong man’s death. 

“The World Boxing Council and its President Mauricio Sulaiman, lament the death of 21-year-old Bulgarian fighter Isus Velichkov,” it said in a statement. 

“Although the ring doctors did their best to save his life, the death was almost immediate.

“The entire WBC joins Velichkov’s family at this very sad time, in deepest sorrow.”



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