The survivor of a savage attack by a machete wielding gang has pleaded with the thugs to “put their knives down” and labelled them “cowards”.

Nasar Khan, a former kickboxing champion, says he was forced to quit his job and hobby when he was ambushed by a 15-strong mob after being called by his nephew to help settle an argument.

The 35-year-old father, who was left with life-changing injuries after the attack, told Birmingham Live: “It was about nothing, it was ridiculous. It was more about who’s got the better stare.

“There were cars parked up full of people. There were about 15 to one and someone hit me from behind with a bar or hammer to the eye and that stumped me.

“They all ran towards me with machetes, knives and they were swinging to my head. In the process of protecting my head, I got my hand severed.”

Nasar has been left with life changing injuries


He added: “I managed to fight my way out and jumped in my car and that’s when I realised that my hand was hanging off.

“The car, my clothes and the road was covered in blood.”

Nasar had to have two operations to save his mangled hand and was eventually discharged after six days at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and told to attend regular physiotherapy sessions.

Now months after the attack, Nasar has harnessed his fighting spirit and is trying to pick himself back up by getting back in the ring.

He had been training since he was 15 with kickboxing champ Kash the Flash but after the attack he faced a mental battle to start training.

He was given free personal training sessions to help get up his fitness


In September he stepped back in the gym for the first time and a personal trainer offered him free sessions to build up his fitness.

He said: “The nerve pain was still there but I could make a fist.

“I put my hand wrap on and punched a bag and had a bit of a sparring session.

“I felt good that I could do it.

“You fall down but you have to pick yourself back up.

“Too many people are using knives. You need to get back in the gym and train. Life is precious.”

Nasar had to have two operations to fix his mangled hand

He is now back in the ring


After the attack Nasar had to quit his job as a delivery driver for a cash and carry firm. This means he cannot provide for his family anymore.

He said: “I was in a lot of pain. I refused to take the pain killers because of the side effects.

“It was simple things like buttoning up my trousers, getting dressed, I couldn’t eat properly I would need to protect my hand.

“I felt like a hermit. I felt stressed and anxious. It made me feel inadequate.

“I couldn’t take my kids to nice places in the summer because I couldn’t drive.”

Nasar was then dealt a further blow when he was told his attackers would not be prosecuted due to insufficient evidence.

Nasar Khan was injured during a violent street brawl

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Asked what he would say to his attackers if he saw them again, he said: “You are not strong. You are a bunch of cowards. Put your gloves on, put these knives down and get into the ring – see how tough you are then.”

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman confirmed a teenager was charged but the case was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

She added: “A second person is currently being sought by officers in connection with the attack.”

A CPS spokesperson said: “The matter was discontinued as there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction against the defendant.

“If the police continue to investigate the matter and are able to identify further evidence they may refer the case to CPS again for consideration.”


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