Scarborough-based Desapline Martial Arts Club are celebrating after bagging a staggering 35 medals at the ICO World Kickboxing Championships in Glasgow.

Desapline’s 26 members, who were in action on the world stage at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, managed to bag 13 gold, 14 silver and eight bronze medals.

Head coach Andy Desa was delighted with the club’s efforts.

He said: “They have all absolutely smashed it once again.

“Thirty-five medals, 13 of which were gold, 14 silver and eight bronze – to say I’m happy is an understatement.”

“Desapline Martial Arts truly confirmed that we are the leading club in the country and world now and really have put Scarborough on the world kickboxing stage.

“A massive congratulations to all of the fighters and the 100 spectators we took with us.”

“It was an honour to be there once again as the england coach and as a competitor alongside my own students who really are world class.

“I personally loved your support and I am sure england did too.”

Desapline had a staggering 26 of their members selected to represent England at the Championships.

Returning with gold medals were Barrie Fewster, Aiden Pope, Tommy Adamson, and coach Desa, while Serhii Popov bagged a stunning three gold medals.

Lola Duncan-Fewster won two gold medals and also claimed a silver and bronze as well, while Jayden Barker bagged two gold medals.

Liam Johnson claimed a gold, three silver and one bronze, Jo Stockhill claimed a gold and silver, while Bailey Bradley won gold and bronze.

Cayla Atkinson was also in fine form for Desapline as she claimed two silver medals, while there were also silver medals for Stan Desa, Liv Young, Leon Young, Brooke Mason, Caitlin Elworthy and Adrian Betchette.

Flynn Duncan-Fewster came away from the weekend with two bronze medals, while Rhys Tomlinson and Isobel Sedgwick-Peake also bagged bronze.

Oscar Tomlinson, Johnny Nicholson, Jim Metcalfe, Jamie-Leigh Metcalfe, Mayson Mancrief and Lauryn Redhead also put in strong performances, but didn’t manage to medal.


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