Eric Black says it’s proving to be a challenge to get her daughter Chloe’s focus right for Muay Thai after she was allowed compete in the Under-12 Boxing National Final.

The 12-year-old Carlow girl was at the centre of a boxing debacle after not being allowed to fight for her second national title a few weeks ago.

Chloe Black from Tullow Boxing Club had travelled to the National Stadium and had completed the weigh-in, only to be told right before the fight that she was disqualified because she also takes part in Muay Thai.

The club says they were not informed of the rule that prohibits anyone who participates in another contact sport from competing in boxing.

It seems a complaint was made on the Thursday before the fight by someone about Chloe’s involvement in Muay Thai.

Speaking to KCLR, Eric says that Chloe is gutted by the whole experience.

“She’s gutted still, we have her back training Muay Thai, but it’s not the same”.

“She used to be happy go looking forward to it, now it’s kind of she is just gutted, like she wanted to box as well so we are just trying to get her head back into Muay-Thai at the minute just to get her focused on something”.


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