MUAY Thai trainer Spiro Darzanoz is bringing the first Fight Night to the region at the Cherry Street Sports Club in Ballina.

Darzanoz has linked up with Gold Coast promoter Nick Atkins to present the Wanna be a Kickboxer and Solace Muay Thai fight challenge.

The card will include first-time fighters from his Solace gym in Ballina, with a string of amateur contests to close out the night on November 9.

He currently has 14 people signed up for a 10-week challenge.

One of his top students, Alex Ziedan, will compete in his second fight on the night while the main event will feature the Gold Coast’s Jemma Lee Byard in her 13th fight.

“The guys in the 10-week challenge have already come a long way and this is something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives,” Darzanoz said.

“I have one lady that had anxiety about being in a gym with other people at the start of the year and now she’s fighting in front of a crowd.

“This is a first for Ballina and the bowling club were straight on board when we presented them with the idea.

“We want to bridge the gap between the Gold Coast and Sydney, where these events are fairly common.”

Darzanoz won a muay Thai fight in Thailand last month, when he took a group over from Ballina to train with him.

Ziedan has been one of the success stories from the gym and helps him run classes during the week.

“Alex is really switched on and focused. I’m so proud of him,” Darzanoz said. “He had to overcome some tough times and now he’s confident and helping me coach.

“I’ve matched up our 10-week challenge guys and figured out who they’ll fight on the night.

“They won’t know until about the week before; they can keep going after this or just say ‘look, I’ve done it, now I can move on to something else’.

“Jemma actually started in one of these challenges and once we match her with someone we’ll have our main event.”

It will be a twilight event, starting at 5pm, with colosseum-style seating surrounding centre ring.

Families are welcome. Tickets available at


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