Recently, a developer blog for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition revealed some interesting details regarding the recently released content. Most notably, this gave us an inside look at the concept art for Seth before a design was eventually decided upon.

Towards the end of the blog, something very interesting was noted about the game’s roster. Seth’s addition to Street Fighter 5 completes “the group of the legacy boss characters,” which apparently includes G.

“We had the idea of completing the group of the legacy boss characters this season,” stated the blog as a final comment from the development team.

“We had the idea of completing the group of the legacy boss characters this season.” – Street Fighter 5 dev team

Sagat is stated to be the “stoic king that confronts his inner strength.” The King of Muay Thai first appeared as the final boss in the original Street Fighter title.

Meanwhile, M. Bison is declared to be the “head of Shadaloo who is also a natural born fighter.” M. Bison tends to be the most recurring antagonist in the series. As a result, he’s probably the most recognizable of the bunch.

Gill is a “god-like figure who is beyond mankind.” Street Fighter 5’s design of Gill really transformed him from simply being an overpowered version of Urien in Street Fighter 3.

Then there’s G. Strangely, G was listed among these boss characters. G is apparently the “cosmic-like power that we have so little knowledge of.”

“G: Cosmic-like power that we have so little knowledge of.” – Street Fighter 5 dev team

This particular character first appeared as part of Season 3’s DLC lineup. Although G bears a number of similarities to Q in Street Fighter 3 (who can be fought as a secret boss), G didn’t have a role to play in Street Fighter 5’s story mode, A Shadow Falls.

Instead, M. Bison served as that mode’s final boss. As for G, he basically didn’t exist back then.

Finally, there’s the newly added Seth from Street Fighter 4. Seth is the “‘King of Chaos’ who craves all fighters’ skills.”

It really does seem like G is the only character of this group that has never been the final boss of a Street Fighter title. But he counts as one of the “legacy boss characters” according to the developers. To be fair, G does give off the appearance and impression that he would serve as a good boss.


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