Oh, the aroma of the concession stand, the flash of the entranceway lights… And the crisp sound of a flush chair shot to the back of an unsuspecting foe! A live wrestling event is always a one-of-a-kind experience. Macon has been in a live wrestling void since the demise of Atlanta based promotion WCW and the cancellation of studio wrestling on our local affiliates decades ago. You can imagine my surprise when I recently stumbled upon a flyer advertising a local wrestling show in Downtown Macon. The promotion in charge of the event was Georgia Independent Pro Wrestling. Intrigued, I had to see what this was all about. The action began with a heavyweight title match that featured the champion Tony James versus a seven-foot-tall challenger. These two titans moved with surprising agility and even took to the ringside floor for a brawl which resulted in the challenger being thrown into a concrete pillar. The champion was resilient and finally pinned the big man capping off a surprising first match. Another early highlight was Alex Chase versus John Forge. Forge was described as a “mean man” by a fan at ringside– and he only seemed to live up to that description with a series of chokes, eye gouges and a regimen of outside weapons which found their mark. After about 10 minutes, Forge mercifully pinned his opponent to bring to an end an old fashioned donnybrook. The remainder of the night’s card featured a tag team match, high flying lightweight action, and a match highlighted with thumbtacks, and of course, the always trusty steel chair. To see the action live, check out GIPW’s Facebook page for dates, and stop by prowrestlingtees.com for merch.

-Matt Lang, 100.5 The X


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