Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Hanover | by
Robyn Garvey  

Team Canada was comprised of 9 athletes from across the nation, three of whom were from Grey Bruce.

Two silver medals for Canada and both winners are from Hanover!


49 years old Terry Sulkye and 19 year old Danny Richardson have a lot to be proud of, as they alone are the only members of Team Canada to win at the World Kickboxing Association Championship in Turkey last week.

For Sulkye the win was a bittersweet victory, as he lost by only one point in the final ten seconds of his fight against his Italian opponent.  (He was victorious in his match against Germany and Romania)

Up until the last ten seconds of the match, Sulkye was in the lead.

He admits that to lose by a single point does sting, but he has no regrets, calling it an amazing experience that will help him grow as a martial artist.

Kickboxing must run in the Sulkye bloodline, as Terry’s daughter Shaylyn made history when she became the first Canadian to ever win a World Kickboxing title in 2010 when she brought home the Gold at the tender age of 16 from the games in Serbia.

As for 19-year old Richardson, this was the most exciting experience of his life, he competed in the Kung Fu Creative Form portion of the Worlds.

The Owen Sound Georgian College Health Science student says the moment he stepped off the stage following his performance and saw his score his legs began to shake with excitement.

Richardson has been a student of Sulkye who runs Golden Tiger a martial arts studio in Hanover since he was ten years old.

To share the world stage with his coach and mentor and both be able to bring home Silver medals for Canada says Richardson was amazing.

Team Canada was comprised of 9 athletes from across the nation, three of whom were from Grey Bruce.

Tom Calvert was the third local athlete and while he did not place in the World Championship, he too represented this region as well as the nation very honourably on the world stage.



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