There’s no one better in his weight class in the country and based on international championships, maybe the world.  

But following Tuesday’s postponement of the summer games in Diakomihalis was forced into something that a wrestler does in every match… readjust.

“It was unfortunate, even if you know it’s going to happen, it’s still sad when it happens,” Diakomihalis said.

Diakomihalis is back home. For the time being, the team facilities at Cornell were closed.

“I’m back home wrestling in my garage with my brother and someone I brought back from school with me. Having my brother around is great because he’s really skilled and can give you that type of reaction,” Diakomihalis said.

All season Diakomihalis had been practicing to be at his peak physical form for the Olympic Trials on April 5 and 6… again, an adjustment.

“The focus shifts a little bit because I have some time to develop my skill, develop my body, get stronger and better at wrestling,” Diakomihalis said.

A young athlete, able to find a silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud.

“What I’ve been telling myself is that I’m young, not going to retire anytime soon, in the end, I’m going to be closer to my prime a year from now, it just gives me another year to develop physically and mentally and I just tell myself that I’ll be better a year from now,” Diakomihalis said.

Better than the best in the country is going to be pretty good.

Yianni is one of nearly a dozen Olympic hopefuls with ties to the Rochester area; we wish them all the best as they try and re-set following the postponement of the Olympics.


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