A Boars’ Head Mona Lisa sandwich ($9.95) with a green machine smoothie ($7.95) and pumpkin spice kombucha float ($7.45) are a few of Hydrate’s menu options. (Ali Linan/Community Impact Newspaper)

Chad Sitzmann, a Georgetown chiropractor, said it pained him to see his patients walk out of his office and drive to a nearby fast-food restaurant for a smoothie. One, he said, that would be filled with sugar.

It was then, in 2013, that he decided to purchase the water store next to his practice and convert it into Hydrate, a healthy-options eatery and juice bar.

“[Eating healthy] is not easy, so we’re trying to make it easy,” Sitzmann said. “A lot of people think it’s too expensive, it’s too hard to do. … So we do all the work for you.”

All of the fruits and vegetables used to make juices and smoothies are hand-selected by Nicole Harris, the store manager and partner. Harris said she is at the grocery store every morning picking the produce for the day. She added that the business does its best to only purchase organic, but it is not always financially feasible.

The produce is then washed in alkaline and acidic water so that it is chemical-free, Harris said. The business does not use any dairy, sugar or ice in its products, freezing the produce to keep drinks cool.

“You won’t get anything fresher than what we have here,” Harris said.

In addition to drinks with flavors in constant rotation, Hydrate offers three Boar’s Head sandwiches, which use the all-natural line of meats and cheeses from the company.

Hydrate also sells a variety of Austin’s Buddhas Brew Kambucha bottled flavors as well as four flavors on tap. Sitzmann said the on-tap flavors also rotate regularly. He added he does his best to keep local by selling mostly Austin-area products.

The business is environmentally friendly, composting all of its scraps—including the compostable cups—with plans to use the compost for a future garden, Harris said.

Sitzmann said he wanted to provide a product he would want and make food he would feel good about putting into his own body.

“We’re proud of the fresh, awesome things we offer here,” Sitzmann said. “If it’s in our store, it’s going to be healthy for you.”

Visit Hydrate at 2502 Williams Drive, Ste. C, Georgetown. 512-863-9812. www.hydratetexas.com


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