The World Boxing Council interim champion Dillian Whyte has proved himself to be one of the greatest heavyweights in the business. And now the British fighter is looking to test the waters in the UFC.

The only loss Whyte ever faced came against Anthony Joshua way back in 2015. Whyte boasts of a record of 25 wins in 26 fights. He claimed 18 of those victories by way of knockouts and the remaining 7 via decision.

The 31-year-old fighter has made a very public appeal to UFC President Dana White. He wants White to get in touch with him regarding a potential crossover bout.

In a video that featured on his YouTube channel, the boxer shows how he has retained the ability to use his feet in combat since he started his career as a kickboxer.

Dillian Whyte on His Potential Stint in the UFC

“I will fight Stipe Miocic. I’ll kick him in the face. I’ll give Stipe one of these [elbows]. All I’ve gotta do with Stipe is just keep him moving. He’ll just try to take me down, he might go to sleep before I go down though.”- said Dillian Whyte in jest

However, when asked whether he was serious about stepping into the world of MMA Whyte’s demeanor changed. But he is seemingly interested in giving MMA a go.

“Yeah, I’ll fight UFC. I’ll do one boxing fight, one UFC. One boxing fight, one MMA fight, tell Dana White to hit me up. I’ll fight Francis Ngannou. I would lick him down. He ain’t go not chin, he’s a coward bro. I would knock out Francis Ngannou, trust me. All he can do is try and take me down, that’s it.”- Dillian Whyte

“One boxing fight, one MMA fight. If you want MMA first, let’s go. Boxing first, let’s go. Even Muay Thai, fight me in kickboxing – three-fight deal, tell Dana White.”- Dillian Whyte

A world-renowned heavyweight boxer with training in the art of kickboxing is a dangerous combination. In addition to this, he could dominate a lot of fighters in the octagon when it comes to stamina and critical striking. Therefore would be an absolute delight to watch.


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