Mixed martial arts is a violent sport and it’s sometimes amazing to marvel at the fact that we haven’t witnessed a death in the Octagon after nearly 500 events. That feat feels extra fortunate considering the number of articles I’ve had to write lately about boxers slipping into comas and dying.

Even the really bad looking fights in the UFC are usually followed up by a battered fighter proclaiming they’re okay. Such is the case with two men from UFC Tampa: James Vick and Thomas Gifford.

Vick suffered his fourth loss in a row against Niko Price, a nasty upkick knockout that saw Niko Price’s heel slam right into his jaw and put him out cold (watch it here). Vick was unconscious for a scary amount of time, but let us know through Luke Thomas that no serious damage was done:

And then There’s Thomas Gifford, who took a hellacious beating en route to a third round faceplant knockout at the hands of Mike Davis. Gifford looked practically helpless by the end of the second round, with Davis teeing off on him mercilessly. A lot of hay was made over his corner and / or the ref not stopping that fight, but “The Young Lion” came out and said there was no one to blame for all that but him:

That’s an interesting way to react to a beating, but whatever helps you process a loss like that, we suppose. As always, we’re just glad no serious brain damage was suffered … we think?


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