Published October 2nd, 2019
Karate Olympic hopefuls in the making
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Karate is now an Olympic sport and will be in the Summer 2020 Olympics hosted in Tokyo Japan.

Karate & Fitness USA, Lafayette athletes competed in the 46th Annual Fiestas International Karate Championships in Los Angeles on Sept. 15. Athletes from all over the World participated in this event from USA, Japan, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Spain, and Italy.

Karate is a sport in which boys and girls can participate. Competition in forms or kata in which the athlete wins by the best performance and in sparring or kumite in which the athlete wins with the most scored points in battle.

Eleven athletes from Lafayette and Moraga return home with a total of 11 awards.

LA Fiestas – Karate Tournament Results

Name Kata Kumite

Cormac Maher 4th 2nd

Elijah Santos 1st 1st

Stafford Williams 4th 1st

Marcos Reyes 4th 3rd

Sophia Hong 2nd 1st

Wayne Dong 3rd 4th

Ethan Luo 2nd 4th

Ryoma Durkee 2nd 5th

Zac Kemp 3rd 4th

Parsa Shayestah 4th 4th

Amir Poursateh 4th 4th


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