The Budu Ryu Karate Club in Ladysmith has produced many junior and senior black belts, and has grown from strength to strength under
the mentorship and guidance of Sensei Ashok Ramphal.

The club started off back in 1979 and has had hundreds of karate students coming through its doors over the years.

Rajen Harilal recently joined the action at the Budo Ryu Karate Club and the Ladysmith Gazette caught up with him recently to have a word.

Rajen says he took up karate so that he can gain discipline and self confidence, and wants to make it all the way to a black belt.

The Gazette also chatted to Nekeisha Goorahoo, who has been attending karate classes ever since she was just six years old.

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During the nine years that have passed since then, Nekeisha has achieved her brown belt two stripes and eagerly awaits being awarded her black belt.

“I have learned valuable lessons when it comes to self defence and self discipline. I find karate to be fun and exciting, and
different from other sports,” she smiles.

Nekeisha adds that through karate, she can be more confident in life.

Karate classes take place every Monday and Wednesday for both juniors and seniors. If you’re keen to join the action, you can contact Sensei Ashok Ramphal on 0836429766

The students are currently working towards the National Budu Ryu Tournament, which will be held this month (August) in Durban.

They are determined to bring home medals, as they consistently do at every tournament they compete in.

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