Helping Vanessa Green (second row centre) fight cervical cancer is her kickboxing family at Xtreme Kickboxing. Front: Michaela Ann Green, Lia Marx, Janika Theron and Amika Theron. Second row: shihan Eddie Theron, Lexi Marx, Katelyn Sofia Green, Vanessa Green, baby Mccalister Green and Wynand Green. Third row: Michael Lovemore, Bronnewynne Marx, Zander Marx, Annie Green and Chris Green. Back: Johny Vermaak, Jurgen Benz, Francois Pretorius, Peet van Breda, Cleve Crossling, Mark St Arnold and Rafey

Kickboxers from Xtreme Kickboxing Kempton Park helped one of its members’ mother fight against cervical cancer.

Wearing T-shirts branded with “In this family you do not fight alone”, club members took part in the Top 10 Challenge in Kempton Park in July.

At the Top 10 Challenge, fighters from all around the country took part in various disciplines of kickboxing.

One of the club’s junior students, Michaela Green’s mother, Vanessa, was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer.

To commemorate Women’s Month, the kickboxing team helped Vanessa fight against this silent killer by bringing awareness of this type of cancer to all women.

Vanessa shared her personal experience with all women at the event. She urged all women to have annual Pap smears and to follow up on all results. She also said cancer knew no race, gender or religion and that all women should take care of themselves.

The club’s junior girls team, called Vanessa’s Angels, did well. They received a silver medal for points and two golds for continuous and kick light.

Xtreme Kickboxing Kempton Park fought with superhero Vanessa Green (middle). Even opposition teams joined in. Team Dynamite: Johny Vermaak, Cleve Crossly, Mark St Arnold, who competed against The Vanquisers who received gold in all three divisions, Jurgens Benz, Francois Pretorius XKT Kempton Park, Rami Mungul, Wessel Slabbert (instructor XKT Kempton Park), shihan Eddie Theron (instructor XKT Kempton Park) and shihan Peet van Breda (referee from Thabazimbi) and young supporter Amika Theron (fron


The Vanessa’s Angels team, Michaela Ann Green, Lexi Marx, Janika Theron and Lia Marx.

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