Hyderabad: Right from his school days, Akshay Kumar M knew that academics was not his strength. So, he shifted his concentration to kickboxing and, over the past six years, dedicated his life to learning the sport. Recently, Kumar won the Wako Indian Open International Kickboxing tournament.
Speaking from experience, Kumar says that sports is as important as studies, if not more. He also feels learning a sport can give a person something to fall back on if one doesn’t excel in academics.
“I somehow cleared my class 10 board examinations but was never bright in studies. In fact, I failed in my intermediate, graduation and post-graduation,” said Kumar adding that he is currently trying his best to clear three backlogs and earn an MBA degree.
“I feel studies too is very important. That’s the reason why I want to complete my MBA,” he added.
Kumar said that he is currently earning his livelihood by teaching kickboxing at a wellness centre and working as a personal coach. He said that right from a young age he was very good in sports and learnt soccer, karate, among other sports.


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