Wednesday, September 25, 2019
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — When you want to be a champion you have to give it all you’ve got.
One Augusta fighter is proving herself by leaving it all in the ring.

Martial arts runs through this woman’s blood.

“So my dad started the karate school back in 1982 so I started doing martial arts when i was about three years old so, I’ve been in it my whole life,” says Jennifer Waters.

Waters is a karate instructor, entrepreneur, and the national straw weight amateur kick boxing champion.
She explains how martial arts has helped her evolve.

“It’s a physical workout but, it’s also something that develops you as a person. So I’ve learned how to be focused, how to have discipline, respectful of others but, most importantly how to become a leader.”

She’s humble but, a beast; known for her brutal kicks.

I’ve really done a lot when it comes to how I develop my speed and my power so, different styles teach different ways of doing things. My karate style of kicking has evolved in a sense that not only is it a quick thing but, a powerful thing and I’ve been known to knock opponents down, knock them out with my kicks

For Jennifer this is just the beginning, next year she’s taking her skills to the next level and going pro.

As an amateur you are kind of toying around with the idea and you might have a training regimen but, as a pro i have to be extremely strict on what i eat, when i go to sleep, what i’m training, how I’m training, getting different methods of training, so it’s really taking it to a new level.

Jennifer will fight one more time before turning pro in 2020.
She will be participating in Augusta’s King of the Cage Rumble.


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