LOUISA, Va. (CBS19 Sports) — When Nick Torbush hits the mat for Louisa wrestling, he hears his dad Robert cheering him on, even from oceans away.

“I can sort of hear him when I’m wrestling and he gives me advice, tips and stuff like that,” said sophomore wrestler Nick Torbush.

Robert has been an active member of the US Army for the past thirteen years. For over a year now, he’s been stationed in South Korea. Even while there, he never missed his sons’ tournaments.

“I would get up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning some days just to be able to watch them wrestle,” said Army Sgnt. Robert Torbush.

“They definitely look forward to seeing me at the side of the mat with the phone,” said Crystal Torbush.

No video chats are necessary today: Robert is home for the holidays surprising his family.

“I think they’re gonna be extremely excited when they see me and realize that I’m home,” said Robert Torbush.

With help from Coach Elkins, Robert and Crystal staged the reunion and executed it perfectly.

While the Louisa wrestling team took a group photo with their backs turned to the crowd, Robert came into the gym. When the boys turned around, they ran over to their father.

“This one was just a complete surprise,” said Nick Torbush.

“To see them turn around and just kinda the look of disbelief on their face and ‘uh is that really him is he really home?,'” said Robert Torbush.

Robert and his sons share a love for the sport of wrestling.

“He used to do the sport when he was younger so he kinda motivated me into it,” said Nick Torbush.

The support from family goes both ways.

“It makes me able to do my job,” said Robert Torbush.

Even better news for the Torbush family: Robert is here to stay. He’s now stationed in Virginia.

“It was really hard without him,” said Nick Torbush. “My mom being there just with eight children in the house, but now that he’s back I feel like it’s gonna be a little bit better.”

And now — Robert is taking his place in the stands of the Lion’s Den once again

“To watch him in this meet right here and win and that’s amazing to be able to be home to see it,” said Robert Torbush


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