“I don’t want people walking around being paranoid but I want them walking around being aware,” Chavez said.

He’s teaching people about Kajukenbo. 

“It’s a street fighting style – ka, karate – ju, judo ji, jujitsu – ken, kenpo – and bo is Chinese boxing or what you would know as kung fu,” Chavez said. 

The training prepares people for issues they may encounter on the street. He said most situations can be de-escalated by talking, but if someone is trying to steal something – just give it to them. 

“But if it’s something else, that’s when talking can do a number of things. It can change someone’s mind. It can buy you some time. It can size the situation up,” he said. 

Chavez said it should never become a fight, it should be a self-defense situation. 

Watch the video above to learn more.


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