Reece Fretten

Reece Fretten

SANCROX teenager Reece Fretten knows he wants to appear on the international stage at the 2020 World Cup Martial Arts Championships in Sydney in October, but first he has to get there.

He started his bid with a great start at Bathurst three weeks ago when he competed at the NSW Western Open championship with the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) on February 23.

Father, Tim, said his son overcame a bout of the flu to win the traditional forms and points sparring along with a third-place finish in the continuous sparring categories.

“His training has taught him that he needs to endure things, so even though he was getting progressively worse he pushed on,” Mr Fretten said.

“People were saying how good his moves were which was good because that tournament draws a lot of different people down there.”

A top five finish in lead-up events throughout the year should secure his ticket to the world stage.

“The Bathurst tournament was hopefully the first step on the track to the worlds because you get points to put towards your overall score,” Mr Fretten said.

On the way: Reece Fretten has taken the first step on the path to a possible World Cup appearance. Photo: Paul Jobber

On the way: Reece Fretten has taken the first step on the path to a possible World Cup appearance. Photo: Paul Jobber

Competing at ISKA level will also have him primed for a national title tilt in November.

“ISKA is the best one because they take things a bit further (than domestic),” Mr Fretten said.

“They make it a more world-orientated sport where they have world ratings so we see that as being the next step up.

“He is constantly learning and he’s also doing more training with more tournament-based people as well.

“We’re doing extra training with his old club in Coffs Harbour and another in Nambucca.

“They do different scenarios so by getting out there and doing it, that’s the way to find out if you’re doing something right or not.”

The next tournament the Hastings teenager will compete in takes place on March 29 at the Whitlam Leisure Centre.

“They also have tricks at that one like highest kick and normally they get about 300 competitors,” Mr Fretten said.

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