Michel Pereira defeated Dae Sung Kim in one of the craziest bouts in MMA history.

The duo faced off at Road FC in February this year and Pereira ran out winner.

But that was only half the story as what occurred in the octagon was downright insane.

The first round starts off at a blistering pace with Pereira throwing a flurry of strikes and a kick to his opponent.

The Brazilian then leaps into the air to counter a Dae Sung strike to kick-off the string of unorthodox moves.

He follows up with an attempted moonsault onto his opponent but the Korean manages to block with his legs.

Image Credit: Road Fighting Championship/YouTube
Image Credit: Road Fighting Championship/YouTube

The fight resumed and Pereira stayed on the offense with some more high impact moves.

He landed a superman punch instantaneously and kept bombarding Dae Sung with his strikes.

A spinning kick followed to down the 34-year-old and the follow to that is naturally a backslip off the cage.

Image Credit: Road Fighting Championship
Image Credit: Road Fighting Championship

The 25-year-old is known for his unorthodox fighting style and this fight perfectly encapsulates that.

It’s a shock when the finale of the first round sees the duo locked in a tussle on the ground in comparison to the aerial escapades.

The finale of the fight is actually quite tame compared to the insanity of the prior eight minutes.

Pereira went on the offensive with stiff knees the seal the victory.

This fight was interestingly his final bout before joining the UFC in May.

‘Demolidor’ won his first fight against Danny Roberts that month but was defeated by Tristan Connelly in September.

In recent years, the two worlds of MMA and WWE have begun to collide as fighters have started to use their favourite wrestling moves to take out their opponents.

During the Full Contact Contender 19 event, Mears channeled his inner Y2J by putting his opponent Aaron Jones away with the deadly submission.

You have to credit the innovation on show.


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