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Dustin Poirier has the look of a man keeping his options open. The recent Lightweight title contender has expressed interest in a rematch with Conor McGregor, resulting in some Twitter trash talk between the two. In addition, Poirier recently said he’d be willing to fight at Welterweight, providing a meaningful opponent agreed to meet him in that division.

Admittedly, it’s something of a leap, but Poirier’s recent Instagram post may also hint at another option: ZUFFA Boxing, which he made the caption of his video working the bag.

Dana White’s foray into the world of boxing has yet to hold an event, but considering the highly lucrative nature of boxing matches, it wouldn’t be a shock if Poirier was interested. Anyone interested in seeing the Southpaw knockout artist cross over to the ring?


Stem cells seem to be the answer for every problem, including TJ Dillashaw’s recurring shoulder injuries.

Some next level savagery at last night’s PFL event.

Urijah Faber talks the start of his career, trying to make as a pro fighter when the lighter weight classes simply didn’t exist.

Bisping looking good after his knee replacement!

This is pretty damn cool!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Alex Gilpin looked for this variation of the guillotine a half-dozen times, and Andre Harrison countered almost every one. However, once Gilpin did finally lock it in, there would be no escape.

Daniel Pineda has always been a nasty fast starter, and last night that attribute helped carry him to two victories in one night and a spot in the finals. Also, REF CAM!

On. The. Button.

Random Land

Just how many people are out here wrestling bears?

One for the bucket list:

Midnight Music: Industrial/experimental hip-hop group Clipping released a new album today, though admittedly I did not have the time to listen yet due to UFC ‘Boston’ (the track below is an older song). I don’t love all of their past albums, but I greatly admire their wild creativity. Plus, lead rapper Daveed Diggs won a Tony AND Grammy for his role in the Broadway play Hamilton, which is pretty awesome for man who makes relatively underground music about topics like cannibalism, aliens, and afrofuturism.

This song incorporates a dentist drill into the beat. Who does that?!?

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.


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