CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) — 11-year-old FJ Garcia has had a feeding tube in his stomach for the past several years. Though it has been an obstacle for him before, he’s looking to show everyone he is just as capable as anyone else.

Monday was a superhero camp at Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania, where FJ has been taking classes and competing for the past two years.

“He comes to work and he really inspires the other kids around him,” said Brandon Keeton, Owner of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Central PA.

FJ practices with the feeding tube he’s had for four years.

“He started off when he was little with weight issues, but it wasn’t really much of a concern until he kept getting older but not really growing,” said Dava Garcia, FJ’s mother.

When he turned six, the issue couldn’t be ignored so doctors installed the tube to help his body receive nutrients.

“Now, he’s doing a little bit better with it and we just push him to be a normal 11-year-old,” Dava said.

Because martial arts is a contact sport, FJ had to receive approval from his doctors and wears a red pad around his stomach for protection.

Despite those hurdles, FJ is determined to improve. “I’m going to keep on taking classes and show people I’m just as capable as they are,” he said.

He is currently practicing for districts in Florida summer and hopes to eventually become a black belt.

“It’s an amazing feeling because we want him to be like any other child and we want to be able to let him do what he wants to do with no limitations,” said Garcia.


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