Veteran MMA bantamweight Cindy Dandois was attacked by a jealous ex-boyfriend outside her home in Belgium, according to reports.

Dandois, 35, said she was assaulted by her former partner with a set of keys outside her home in Deurne, leaving her with seven stitches, a broken nose and a nasty gash to her face. The injuries will force her to miss a scheduled fight this week in the Netherlands.

The attack left Dandois with a broken nose, seven stitches and a sizable gash to her face.Facebook

“Pray for a good and quick recovery,” Dandois posted Friday on Facebook from a hospital bed. “I will be back.”

Dandois, whose nickname is “The Battlecat,” said her former flame couldn’t handle the fact that she wanted to “move on and just stay friends,” she told Het Laatste Nieuws.

“It’s jealousy,” she told the outlet. “He threatened me all the time, but I never took his threats seriously.”

Dandois, a mother of four, said she wasn’t prepared for the onslaught, but credited her years of training and professional fighting as to why she didn’t have more serious injuries.

“I don’t like fighting outside the ring,” she continued. “I am not a street fighter … If you don’t see an attack coming, it’s hard to avert it completely. I defended myself, of course, to prevent worse.”

Dandois – a former UFC and Invicta standout with a 15-5 professional record – declined to identify her former boyfriend and implied she’s not interested in pressing charges.

“We are all human beings, we all make mistakes,” she said. “I hope he realizes it and pulls himself together. He does not have to be sent to prison. Leave me alone, that’s all.”

Despite her injuries, Dandois said she’s keeping her head up ahead of her next scheduled fight on Dec. 15 in Greece.

“In any case, I’m not going to get myself down,” she continued. “I’m not one to mope in a crying corner. Fortunately, I’m still here. It could have ended otherwise.”

Cindy Dandois in 2017.
Cindy Dandois in 2017.Zuffa LLC via Getty Images


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