A professional MMA fighter is suing California’s Department of Transportation after a tragic car accident nearly severed his leg. 

Per court documents obtained by TMZ, Chris Bonilla was driving on the 10 Freeway near West Covina last year when he needed to pull off the road. Bonilla crashed into an unmarked barrier on the way, resulting in a life-altering accident that broke his collarbone and severed his leg. Although doctors were able to reattach his leg, Bonilla’s legal team claims the fighter’s leg is in “bad shape” and the complications will eventually lead to an amputation. 

Prior to the incident, Bonilla was a 5-foot-10, 150-pound MMA fighter. He had proven himself as an accomplished Muay Thai champion and was working his way through the ranks as a fighter for Glory kickboxing promotion. Bonilla claims that his career would still be on an upswing if the state’s employees would have made the barrier easier to see.

He is now seeking unspecified damaged from the California Department of Transportation as his attorneys feel the state didn’t do enough to prevent his accident. There’s no word on if the state will settle Bonilla’s complaint or proceed with the litigations. 


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