A NOOSAVILLE Muay Thai fighter has been busted after police found a “healthy” cannabis lab at his home.

Thomas Edward Bede Sommervelle, 27, faced Noosa Magistrates Court on Tuesday on eight drug-related charges including producing dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs and possession of utensils or pipes.

A court heard police had a warrant to search Sommervelle’s property on December 21, 2019.

“During the initial search police could detect the smell of cannabis near the main bedroom,”

Police prosecutor Melissa Campbell said.

Snr-Sgt Campbell said police found a one-metre “mature” cannabis plant, chopped cannabis, weighing a combined 62 grams, and a box of various steroids.

Police also uncovered a drug lab containing 11 plants and 45 stems.

“Behind a large sheet they located a small cannabis drug house with a large number of cannabis plants and seedlings,” Snr-Sgt Campbell said.

“(Sommervelle) stated he grew all the plants and regularly watered and maintained them for personal use and when they were large enough moved them from the growing room and placed them outside.”

“He made full admission to ownership of the items exercised for personal use. He stated he suffered a knee injury and an unknown person has supplied him with steroids.”

The self employed tiler and Muay Thai fighter pleaded guilty to all charges.

Duty lawyer Bernard Bradley told the court his client was growing the substance for pain and recovery related to his job.

“That is one of the reasons he embarked on this endeavour to produce the cannabis to make the CBD oil to help medicate from the pain he suffers from his knee and ankle pain he suffers from his tiling, and the fighting as well,” Mr Bradley said.

“The steroids were also self-administered for recovery for his fighting.”

Sommervelle was given 15 months probation and ordered to surrender to regular urine analysis.

A conviction was recorded.


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