Come train with us at Maryland Systema and learn this devastating yet flexible fighting system used by the Russian Special Operations and the Soviet spy network. 

Your first class is FREE!

We currently have classes most Tuesday evenings (except when I travel) at the Dance Exchange from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.

The address is 7117 Maple Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912 and we are in Studio 3-the one closest to the main entrance.

We are a certified Systema school in Maryland dedicated to the study of the Russian Martial Art of Systema. 

We will teach you how to properly hit, fight on the ground, defend against multiple attackers and mobs, escape from locks, chokes and holds, use everyday objects as improvised weapons, defend against strikes and kicks, protect others, fight in confined spaces, and even defend against a wide variety of weapons including knives, sticks, bats, guns and chains. Plus, much more!

We will also teach you a variety of breathing techniques to help you relax and remain calm (inside and outside of our class), coupled with a wide variety of drills and mobility exercises to help you move like a much younger person!

We welcome men and women of all fitness and skill levels, even if you have zero self-defense or martial arts experience.

Classes are open to anyone 18 years or older, and there are no contracts, no uniforms and no equipment to buy.

Please wear comfortable clothes that includes long pants or trousers.

All participates will be required to sign our standard waiver form.

There is free parking, and we are one block away from the Takoma Park Metro.

Subsequent classes are $20 each with discounts on Maryland Systema Seminars and Events, Private Lessons, Systema branded clothing as well as instructional materials (books, DVD’s etc.).

Additional information about us can be found at: 


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