A special weekend of fun, fitness and fundraising which included a visit by a Paralympian resulted in more than £2,000 for charity.

Gatwick Kickboxing Club organised its own ‘Fitathon’ event last weekend (September 7 & 8) to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Katie-George Dunlevy shows her medals alongside Grieg Bradbury

Katie-George Dunlevy shows her medals alongside Grieg Bradbury

The club invited Paralympic cyclist Katie-George Dunlevy to teach a session of fitness. Katie-George delivered the final hour of the fundraising event teaching about muscle stretching and tone techniques.

On Saturday the students carried out a three hour ‘Fitathon’ where the students worked out nonstop. The first hour was taught by former world K1 champion and fitness instructor Jody Clewett who had them sweating in no time, using Tabata work outs and high intensity interval training techniques. The next hour was taught by sensei Grieg Bradbury who focussed on pair and team work.

Sunday saw the mammoth sparring session where students had to spar at least 10 rounds against their instructors. Sensei Grieg had pledged to carry out at least 100 rounds.

Jody said: “This task took weeks of training and dedication from students and instructors an amazing achievement and over £2,000 raised there is still some money to be collected so the final figure is to follow.

“The students worked hard for the whole session – well done to everyone.”

For more information about the club visit www.gatwickkickingboxing.co.uk


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