Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion, Conor McGregor, is the biggest draw in mixed martial arts (MMA), so there’s zero chance that “Notorious” would compete for another organization without a co-promotion deal with the boys at Endeavor.

Like this, for example.

That’s probably why RIZIN CEO, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, is cooking up something “really weird” for the “Notorious” Irishman on New Year’s Eve in Japan. Like a new type of competition that would not involve fighting or professional wrestling, according to Karaev_Fan, who confirmed the former PRIDE executive was “in contact” with McGregor.

“We can do something together,” Sakakibara told Tokyo Sports about McGregor (via ”It’s quite strange, it’s a new innovation. I feel like creating a new competition that is different from mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and professional wrestling.”

Anyone else thinking of the coaches’ challenge from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)?

The big mystery for McGregor is whether or not he plans to return to the 155-pound title chase, a decision that may be made in the wake of UFC 242 next month in Abu Dhabi. He also has the potential to finish his “special” trilogy against Nate Diaz.

Or maybe he can just fly to Japan to arm wrestle Bob Sapp.


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