2 Chinese men identified as Chen Lei and Wein Pinpin have been arrested inside a home in Pra Khanong district, Bangkok, after officials received a tip-off that fake Covid-19 test kits were being smuggled into the country. 45,000 fake Covid-19 test kits, 350,000 medical masks, and 1,200 infrared thermometers were seized. The evidence was valued at 33,750,000 baht.

These items were being sold without permission at a extortionate prices in Bangkok area and nearby districts.

BIG arrest on price gouging of Covid-19 safety gear and fake test kits | News by The Thaiger

The Food and Drug Administration will be investigating to find out where the fake Covid-19 test kits were made, and who else is involved in importing them into the country.

Police and officials from the Consumer Protection Police Division and officials from the Food and Drug Administration have reported that a large pile of evidence is piling up as the crisis unfolds, including…

45,000 fake Covid-19 test kits, 350,000 medical masks, 1,200 infrared thermometers, 53,000 litres of alcohol, 7,896 bottles of fake hand sanitisers and 82,771 cosmetic items, valued around 50 million baht

The punishment for smuggling medical equipment is imprisonment of up to 1 year, and a fine not exceeding 100,000, or both.

All products claiming to be Covid-19 test kits online at the moment are all fake, according to the Thai FDA.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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