Every student will follow the same safety protocol before, during and after every class. This list of precautions includes a questionnaire before class, checking temperature, washing hands and stepping onto the mat into a separate 6 ft. training space. Although this is out of the norm, the level of fun and self-improvement will remain very high!

The classes will focus on solo drills, agility movements and visualization training. The instructors are not simply trying to offer an acceptable substitute for normal class training. Weekly curriculum includes character enrichment homework assignments and reading material. This curriculum was designed to prepare students of all ages to accept the challenges of tomorrow and become the leaders of their own lives. The program has resulted in higher grades, increased confidence and a desire to aim for and accomplish very high goals. “Our objective is to move our students one step closer to black belt with every class. Whether they are training online or even without a partner. We don’t view this as a harsh reality, but rather as an amazing opportunity to better unite our teammates and push one another in new and creative ways,” – Professor Travis Tooke-Owner/Master Instructor.

While many students will practice without a partner, there is one exception. Students with same household members will be permitted to drill and even spar (live train) together. This opportunity has opened up the doors for several family members to train martial arts. Some of them have never trained before and are now taking classes just to give their children/spouse/family members a physical partner to train with. While their original intentions were just to offer assistance, most are now falling in love with the process of learning a new skill. And, more importantly, the character enrichment and self-development aspect of training is what has and will continue to offer the greatest return.

The success of Team Tooke throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic is the result of hard work, commitment to excellence and daily gratitude. The instructors believe in what they are doing and in the positive impact they are having on the community they serve. “We have learned to value and appreciate our team and one another even more and we cannot wait to see our students again. 2020 will be remembered as one of our best years as a team,” – Professor Travis Tooke.

Contact: Travis Tooke, [email protected], 281-701-5901

SOURCE Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts

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