Crossover in MMA and professional wrestling is to be expected given you see a lot of the same holds and submissions used in both worlds: rear-naked chokes, kimura locks, omoplata and armbars to name just a few.

One move that you would not normally see in MMA, however, is the ‘Tombstone Piledriver’ – the famed finishing maneuver utilised by future Hall of Famers The Undertaker and Kane in WWE.

The Deadman has an MMA influence in his moveset and the fact he uses 4oz MMA gloves – but he himself has had an effect in the sport – specifically Japanese bantamweight Taito Kubota.

The 30-year old, who has an 11-3 record, channelled his inner ‘Taker during a fight when he busted out the tombstone – picking his opponent and brutally slamming him down to the canvas.

Check out the insane footage around 10 seconds into the following clip:

All that was missing from Kubota was The Phenom’s signature eye-rolling, tongue-wagging pinfall.

Remarkably, the Tombstone isn’t the only move from the Undertaker, Light heavyweight Houston Alexander decided to use that very move in a fight with Thiago Silva (not the PSG and Brazil defender) from UFC 78 in 2007.

Check it out around 1 minute and 11 seconds in here:

Though the technique and execution are slightly different, it’s the same move that ends up with the same result – the opponent being picked up the neck and being sent crashing down to the ground in rapid time.

There are a number of instances where an MMA fighter has acted as though they were merely wrestling with their mate on the trampoline back in the day.


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