With recent news arising that there’s mutual interest in another possible crossover fight between Tyson Fury and Stipe Miocic, Fury spreads the word that Conor McGregor has extended him an offer to train him in the mixed martial arts discipline.

“I’ve been training with Darren Till and I’ve got an offer from Conor McGregor to be trained by him, so [an MMA bout] will be something that I’m very interested in,” Fury said.

The undefeated heavyweight then says a potential heavyweight crossover fight between Miocic and himself isn’t exactly like anything the world has seen before — even if that’s a bit of a stretch.

“It’s something I’m interested in, a massive crossover fight between two fighters from two different backgrounds, so it’ll be a hell of a fight. It’s been done before in lighter weight divisions, but never by the heavyweight men of this level and two current heavyweight champions.”

Fury would continue by mentioning that the experience of incorporating elbows, knees, and kicks has been ‘fantastic’, but it still seems rather unlikely that Fury will actually make the move into the octagon as he preciously mentioned that he’d be willing to fight Miocic in a boxing match earlier this week.


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