While the entire world is dealing with the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) founder and president Alvin Aguilar has devoted his time in quarantine to fight the spread of “fake news” in his chosen field — martial arts.

URCC founder and president Alvin Aguilar (left) demonstrates the dark reality of knife fighting in his YouTube channel ‘Chief Knows.’ SCREEN GRAB FROM ALVIN AGUILAR’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Aguilar, who began his martial arts training at the age of nine, started last week posting different self defense scenarios in his own YouTube channel “Chief Knows” no limits with Alvin Aguilar, and at least garnered around 500 plus subscribers.

“I need to show the people out there what really happens and give concepts and tips on how to survive particularly in our environment,” Aguilar, also the Wrestling Association of the Philippines president, told The Manila Times in an online interview on Wednesday.

“There are so many charlatans out there showing techniques that will never work, so I really need to expose people more to what is really out there,” added Aguilar, noting those posted videos were actually taken before the pandemic.

Aguilar uploaded videos about the ugly knife fighting mistakes and misconceptions, and how to deal with multiple attackers. He also said that he is planning to make and upload more videos, while the entire country remains under the quarantine.

“It is something I have been planning for quite awhile. Those videos were actually shot way before the pandemic. I started this (his YouTube channel) about six to seven days ago.”

He said those so-called instructors have little knowledge in actual combat, as he emphasized the huge difference between real survival and sport fighting inside the cage in terms of danger and threat.

“There are many fake instructors especially in self defense because they are never tested because most claim they are too deadly to fight in the cage. This let the unqualified people to go on teaching,” said Aguilar.

Aguilar who is also a Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) expert has studied several FMA systems among them Sari-an, Yaw-Yan, Pekiti-Tirsia, Carlos Hermanos, Illustrisimo and De Campo. The last two was being under his training partner Sixto Carlos for more than 20 years.

“It’s not like MMA, boxing or jiujitsu where you are constantly being tested. We need to open peoples minds as to what is really out there.”

Aguilar has taught the US Marines during the joint Balikatan exercises between the US and Philippine Military and the US Navy Seals in San Diego a few years ago. He trained them in knife fighting. JOSEF T. RAMOS


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