– Ronda Rousey has announced that her Rowdy League will be having a virtual BBQ and wrestling show on Tuesday, June 30th at 7PM ET on Facebook Gaming.

“#TheRowdyLeague is here to revolutionize the gaming and pro wrestling industry in ways you never thought possible! We’re having a virtual bbq and wrestling show this TUESDAY that’s TOMORROW at 4pm/7pm PST/EST exclusively on @facebookgaming! http://Fb.gg/rondarousey”

– Black Wrestlers Matter has announced new details on their upcoming show on June 29th. The show is titled “Black Wrestlers Matter – A Celebration of Black Professional Wrestling” and will serve as a fundraiser for the Knowledge of Power foundation, which is based in Des Moines, Iowa and seeks to help disadvantaged youth in the city. Jon West is holding the event and began the Black Wrestlers Matter movement in 2015 in the hopes of eventually running a show.

You can get tickets for the event here.


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