Warigami, the latest original series for The CW’s digital streaming platform CW Seed, is a new martial arts series with a twist: the combatants use fighting styles centered around forms of origami.

The web series released a trailer showing the martial artists in action. Protagonist Wendy Ohata quickly learns she is part of an ancient Japanese lineage able to transform paper into deadly weapons, with the fighting style known as kami-jin.

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As Wendy develops her newfound fighting abilities, she discovers that she has a long-lost twin brother. Worse, she is being hunted by another lethal kami-jin fighter, leading to epic showdowns complete with paper shurikens and razor-sharp fans.

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The upcoming series is a co-production with the CBC. It premiered this past summer on the Canadian streaming network, before its broadcast premiere in the United States this coming weekend. With plenty of samurai action, the new show promises a unique twist on the genre that makes paper cuts deadly.

Warigami stars Emily Piggford, Kai Bradbury, Akiel Julien, Miho Suzuki and David Hewlett. The series premieres on CW Seed on September 15.

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