The pro wrestling/horror mash-up film Parts Unknown is coming to home video this month, with a new trailer and poster announcing its release.

With the world of professional wrestling containing many popular horror movie tropes, it’s no wonder that the two mediums will collide in the upcoming indie horror film Parts Unknown.

To herald the movie’s release next week on home video, the film unveiled an ominous new trailer and poster showcasing a family of pro wrestlers who decide to take their horrific brand of violence beyond the ring after being disgraced and losing their livelihood. Still craving the limelight, the Von Strasser family makes a literal deal with the devil for a chance to get back in the ring in exchange for going on a bloody killing spree.

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Debuting on the indie film circuit in 2018, the horror movie will receive a wide home video release through Wild Eye Releasing, bringing the twisted thrills and bloody mayhem of a family that will go through extreme, violent lengths to stay wrestling to homes everywhere.

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Written and directed by Richard Chandler, Parts Unknown stars William DeCoff, Alexandra Cipolla and Sarah Michelle. The film will be released on digital HD and DVD on July 7.

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