Should we contemplate the demise of humanity caused by mute robots like Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence Robots like Sophia may appear impressive, but do not be deceived by their humanoid appearance; these machines possess artificial intelligence akin to human emotions. At the beginning of this month, several leading outlets spread the news that artificial intelligence will not jeopardize humanity. This reassuring news came from a consortium of chatbots linked to … Read more

AI Improving Gaming for All Players


For all gamers, how can artificial intelligence enhance gaming and what does it take for individuals to learn and master it? In their introduction for Project Gameface, Google was thrilled to show off the artificial intelligence-powered, hands-free gaming mouse that, in their words, “allows people to control the computer’s cursor with their Face-and-eye expressions are … Read more

Please stop using AI chatbots for love advice.


We all understand that relationships can be difficult. But relying on Chatbots to handle emotions isn’t the solution. It’s just a good imagination. When he sat across from me, a sad expression washed over my patient’s face. “My date didn’t go well,” he declared. “It didn’t turn out as expected.” For this patient, it was not an unusual … Read more