Cherishing National Parents Day: Celebrating the Pillars of Love and Support

Without your parents, who have loved you unconditionally since the moment of your birth, where would you be? Every day when you are young, they do so much for you, and even as an adult, their devotion never ends. Because of this, their particular day, National Parents’ Day, is observed on July 23, the fourth Sunday in July.

National Grandparents Day was observed for about 40 years before Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were founded, but National Parents’ Day wasn’t created until 1994. President Bill Clinton declared it, acknowledging the important role parents play in bringing up and guiding their children. Nicely put!

In 2023, when is National Parents Day?

On the fourth Sunday in July, National Parents’ Day is celebrated yearly.

National Parents’ Day’s History

Nature’s greatest gift to us is being parents. Nothing compares to having a position in someone’s life, such as the part parents play in the growth of their children. National Parents’ Day aims to honor the unbreakable love that unites parents and their kids while promoting responsible parenting and encouraging good support for kids. This is also made clear in many more ways, as this day honors the sacrifices made by parents for their offspring as well as the unwavering love they continue to show them even as they get older.

National Parents’ Day was created in 1994 by a statute signed by President Bill Clinton and Congress to honor, promote, and encourage parents’ contributions to raising their children. Senator Trent Lott, a Republican, said that his goal was “to encourage and support parents in their efforts to raise healthy, responsible children.”

National Parents Day should be celebrated in July as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are each commemorated in May and June, respectively. Each year on the fourth Sunday in July, National Parents’ Day is observed. To celebrate the role of parents, honor their sacrifices, and offer encouragement and support, events and programs are planned by individuals, educational institutions, federal and local governments, legislatures, and organizations.

Celebrations on National Parents Day

In addition to organizing events and rallies to promote parental duties knowledge and respect, National Parents’ Day is honored by creating award programs like “Parents of the Year” to honor exceptional parents at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

Traditions for National Parents Day

Similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, People traditionally celebrate parenting on Parents’ Day by sending their parents or other loved ones cards, presents, flowers, food baskets, and cakes. A common custom is having lunch or supper as a family.

To honor exceptional parents in their region, local communities arrange special ceremonies at church services and community events. National Parents’ Day also has yearly customs like marches and activities hosted by groups like the United Civil Rights Council of America.

National Parents Day Statistics

40% of the population are single women or single moms who give birth to children.

64% of kids in married families are still living with both biological parents.

Children who live in households with both of their biological parents are 25% physically better.

50% – Chance that children may experience health issues as a result of parental divorce.

Unmarried households have multiplied by 9x since 1960.

An increase in single moms choosing not to wed is 49%.


Concerns regarding National Parents Day

National Parents Day falls on what day?

Every year on the fourth Sunday in July, which is this year on July 25, National Parents’ Day is commemorated.

The originator of Parents’ Day?

National Parents’ Day was declared by the U.S. Congress and President Bill Clinton in 1994. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of every July.

Do you honor your parents?

The purpose of National Parents’ Day is to honor parents, recognize their contributions to childrearing, and express thanks and affection for them.

For National Parents Day, some advice

Visit or call them
Parents like speaking with and seeing their kids. Tell them how much important they are to you.
Inform them they are correct.
We frequently disregarded or ignored their advice as we were growing up. However, as we become older, we see how accurate they were.

Send them on a getaway
Find out where they want to go on vacation, then send them there. Organize everything so that all they have to do is enjoy.Tell them how much you value them. National Parents’ Day, is observed on July 23, the fourth Sunday in July.

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